Since our establishment in Japan, CBC has never shied away from great challenges, including the development of new fields and businesses. We have also extended our unique corporate culture to our subsidiaries in other countries. And today, our staff around the world is taking the initiative to develop businesses that are ideally suited for the characteristics of their region of operation. Allow us to show you how CBC's global initiatives blossom and grow.

CBC(Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd.

We are working to create new value and fully realize our position as the "world's factory" in the "world's market."

With globalization as a target, CBC Shanghai is moving into the fields of advanced technology, food and pharmaceuticals, focusing on both trade and manufacturing.

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Procos S.p.A.

Our high quality APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates earn the trust of our customers.

Drawing on the technology and knowledge that we have amassed over 40 years of experience in APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates, we deliver the superior quality that continues to satisfy our customers.

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