Compliance Manual

The CBC Group acts in accordance with the following policy in order to raise consciousness of CSR, observe laws and regulations, and ensure that business activities are conducted in a fair and lawful manner.

1.Complete Fairness in Corporate Activities We engage in fair, lawful and responsible business activities, in accordance with domestic and foreign laws, international rules and social norms.
2.Thoroughly Manage the Information and Disclosure We engage in timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information, work to maintain transparency, and manage information appropriately.
3.Global Expansion of Business Activities Respect the culture and customs of each country and regions, promote communication, and contribute to the development of the local community and global society.
4.Contribution to Society We contribute to the mutual benefit of trading partners, consumers and employees, and strive to build a prosperous and comfortable society.
5.Consideration and Conservation of the Global Environment We give sufficient consideration to the global environment and conservation when engaging in business development.
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